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Welcome! LnL Recording is a privately owned and operated multi-track recording studio. We specialize in producing high quality recordings for local musicians. If your goal is to record and release your own independent album, then you've come to the right place. We can produce a fully mixed and mastered product for you - ready for duplication and distribution. Or perhaps you just need a professional sounding demo in order to pitch your music to publishers, record companies, A&R reps or local club owners. We can provide what you need!

Please take a few moments to review the Rates & Terms and FAQ sections of our website. If you have questions or would like to book studio time, don't hesitate to call or email us directly. Contact information appears at the bottom of this page. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you will choose LnL Recording for your upcoming recording project.


Recording System

Our main recording system is a custom-built PC workstation which has been configured specifically for multi-track audio production. The workstation is configured with Sonic Core Xite-1. The primary audio recording/editing application is called Samplitude Pro X2. We also have Cakewalk Sonar Producer 8.5, Sony CD Architect, Antares Auto-tune and a host of other top-notch VST effects and instruments.

Detailed information about the various products that we use can be found by clicking on the icons below. 


For all you gear heads out there, following is a detailed listing of some of the stuff in our studio. You can never have enough stuff lol Click on the links to see the specs for each item.

1) Mackie MS1642-VLZ4 16 channel mixer
1) JoeMeek VC1QCS studio channel mic preamp
1) JoeMeek TwinQCS mic preamp
3) ART TubeMP mic preamp
1) dbx 386 dual channel tube mic preamp
1) Line 6 Bass Pod modeling preamp
1) Cascade Fat Head ribbon mic
1) AKG C414B-TLII condensor mic
1) Shure KSM32/SL condensor mic
1) Studio Projects C1 condensor mic
1) CAD Equitek E-100 condensor mic
1) Shure SM81 condensor mic
2) AKG C1000S condensor mic
3) Oktava MC012 condensor mic
3) Shure SM57 dynamic instrument mic
2) Shure SM48 vocal mic
3) EV N/D 468 dynamic instrument mic
1) Audix Fusion 6 drum mic combo
1) AKG D112 kick drum mic
1) Sennheiser E602 kick drum mic
1) Rolls RA62HA headphone distribution system
1) Gibson Les Paul Deluxe electric guitar
1) Ibanez 540S electric guitar
1) Cort Action bass guitar
1) Yamaha APX-6 acoustic guitar
1) Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece Drum Kit
1) Korg Triton Pro synth keyboard
1) Kurzweil SP88 Stage Piano
1) Vox Valvetronix AD100VT 100W combo amp
2) ADA split-stack guitar cabinets
1) Denon DRW-585 cassette deck
2) JBL LSR32 studio monitor speakers
1) Hafler P3000 power amp
1) Radial Engineering J48 Active Direct box
2) AKG K240 headphones
6) Audio Technica ATH-M40fs headphones
1) Rocktron Intellifex Ltd effects processor
1) BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer
1) JVC XL-SV22 karaoke deck
) Furman AR-1215 voltage regulator


Other Services

Mastering -  Mastering is the final coat of sonic polish which is applied to a recording before you send it out for duplication or internet distribution. You can read more about this process in the FAQ section. Standard studio rates apply. An album's worth of songs can usually be mastered in less than a day. 

Radio Shows/Commercials/Audio Books - We can pre-record your independently produced radio show or radio commercials here. Also, any spoken word or narration type projects such as audio books, voice-overs, church sermons, comedy albums, in-store announcements or music, etc.

CD Replication/Duplication - We are an authorized studio partner with Disc Makers - one of the largest and best CD replicating companies in the world. Call for pricing and information.

Talent Pool - If you need talented session musicians to complete your project, we can help. We have partnered with some of the finest musical talent in the Chicagoland area. The costs vary depending on the project. Contact us for more info.


Client Roster

Justin Howl Tainted Jake Andrew Bender
Vendetta Hero JC Skeen Sun Stood Still
Shellie Carter Rich Nelson 60 Carat Rock
Not Done Yet Little Yellow Dog Regretting Wednesday
Juicehead Bob Mau Bossydog
Murray Brothers Entertainment TeamPlayInc Jen Usellis - Klingon Pop Warrior
June's Got The Cash Prairie Porn Indigofera
Seven Soul Red Deer Cave People Hinge
Focal Point Sonic 7 Christiana Kolosvary
Charlie Rantz Dead Man's Hand Phil Munton
Fists of Rage Days of Mayhem Instant Rewind
Sunday Slip n' Slide Bobby Rex DeadNation
Nice Guys Finish Last The Outliars Oxford Owls
Latest Rumor Psychopathic Daze The Elegance of Rot (Clinton, IA)
Cutthroat, Inc. Hobos For Hire The Mighty Moon Men
Jenny Dinh James Wayman Liberty's Teeth
Ayanami Double D and the Sensations Restless Gypsy
Magical Elves (Los Angeles, CA) Matthew Prins Bill Thomas Trio
Aaron Davison Ryan Madiar Kevin Mileski
Hillbilly Rockstars Barbra Githens - Heart and Soul Music The Stoneflys
Marshall Hong The Lennys Jin-Ya
Katie Hibben Vince Amore Sig Nos
Jamestown Massacre
Dr Viswanatham Susarla Jim Bartholomew Carson Denny
Shuvlhed Psycho Sister The Psycho Kid
Katherine Andrick Night Skool Michael Baffes/ChemZen Records
Fox River Trio Dennis Baughan Relic
Ed Posega Auditory Hallucination Beyond Measure (St. Louis, MO)
Made For War D'Andre Brooks Mindless Mistake
A Script October A Renewed Trust Big Horn Big
Vagrancy Plan Tom Lindemann Steve Kasprisin
Scar Outlet 3tripleR Continuum
Decon Frost In Dying Dreams Dan Medina & No Name Band
The Transistors Juan Modesto Minerva
Steve Voller Article 18 Dark Eyes
Cassius Simmons Same As December Damage
Forgetting Montgomery Sue Brannam Mike Walker
Steve Richards Cynical Freeks Chosen (Jackson, MS)
Air Raid Marie Hawkins Shylo Murray
Dave Jacobs Brian Spencer Burnside Bridge
Francisco Machado D.M.V. Sepsis
Tavis Addison (a.k.a. sZou) Shelly Sumner Artie Santiago
John Nicholas Chris Hall Johnny Mack
Pete Haas Prince Earl Simpson The LaDiDa's
Glenn King (Port Charlotte, FL) Nicole Turner Kasra Molavi
The Backseat Lovers Pat Stauffer Keroseed
Calgary John Springer Steel Toe/West Nile
Carmela Dalmacio Up To Code Hex
Patsy Von Ryan Corey McLindsay Keith Cappel
Roman Nevarez Faith World Outreach Church Anthony Skola/The Bleeding
Marble Train Wreck Blind Mics Basic Mind
Death Becomes Her Greg Anthony Phil Jacobson
Dead Romatics Foil Kil' Cupid
Divine Riot Received Damaged Last Sun
Ministerio Musical Aposento Alto Tom "Woody" Splinter Chris Errera
Fragmentation Seedy Sea Conspiracy Aileen Colby
Jeff Quinn Andy Moher & The Prospect Tricia Ramsey
Alejandro Mercado Ron Dristle - All Star Productions No Apologies
Drew Doepke Sam Mirto David Baeza/Voces del Seor (Belvidere, IL)
Charles Fortney Steve Gates Motivation
John Cronin Symptom Remaining Nameless
Mike O'Brien Jessica Maxwell Against The Rest
Called Out First Forgotten Screaming Silence
Porcelain Mike Mazan Reprieve
Blackout Alex Meza Pyrrhic (Rockford, IL)
We Party On Sundays Andrew Fohr Disconnected Youth
Snap Shot Self Control Fade Resort
Cut Out Kids Kirk Whiting/Spyda Michael Mclead
Deep Cut Gee Whiz Jah B & Ranking Forrest
Jigawatt Trio Awake By Noon Justin Howell/Salty Dogs
Kristin Kitko Sue Salach Bob Cefala
Friends At Ten John Lambert Red Velvet Sunrise
Grupo Tormenta Internacional Decibel Eric Huffman
Jacob Somen Margarita Sandoval John Metzger
Cory Leeper Sue O'Brien Tomorrow's Decision
InnerTragic Spencer Goorley Tymepeace
12 Step Denial Strangelove Billvis
Crunchy Frogs Pearl "Jam" Jones Tim Banker - From The Top (Boston, MA)
Barbi Galluppi Vince Carone When Angels Fall
The Old Kishwaukee Band Right For Avengeance Summit
Filip Herbst The Bruce and Dan Show The Never Ending Dance
Roquemore Curbside Life Jumblebox
One Wild Night in Duxbury Moral Decay Red Line Obsession
Chris Morrow Hijinx Cloud 9
Artist X Geared Towards Nowhere Hannah Frank
SOT-W Big Drag State of Mind
Plague All Else Fails Amber Theising
Jill Dawson Casey Lanken Tim Cummings
Brendan Smith Subject To Change Radstarr
Beautiful Collision James Drive Taken By Surprise
3 Guys at a Gig  Lifelike Violence Westbury
ArA (a rude awakening) Modus Ponens Declining Edge
Matt Robinson Paul Allodi Gatlin
Front Toward Enemy The Memory Girl (Bloomington, IL) The Undecided
Come Alive 2 Fast Jack Microblue
Talkin' Trash No Mercy Band Chasing The Skyline
Alabaster 3rd Exit The Locked Sound (Normal, IL)
FM Band The Deranged Sai Baba Temple (Hampshire, IL)
Left Turn Only Scarecrow's Grin


Contact Us

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phone: (847) 622-9109

LnL Recording is located at 308 Wheelock Street, Elgin IL. 
We're located near the downtown area of Elgin, just minutes south of the I90 expressway. Call for directions!

Principle owner/engineer: Larry Kriz
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