Audix Fusion 6 Drum Mic Package


Fusion Pack

Overview Fusion Pack

Packaged sets of high quality Audix drum and percussion microphones

Audix, with the introduction of serious microphone packages for professional artists and engineers, has revolutionized drum and percussion miking by designing specific mics for specific instruments. Now, with the introduction the Fusion series, everyone can afford Audix quality.

Built to withstand the rigors of live stage applications, the Fusion series mics can also be successfully used in a studio recording environment.

If you want to effectively capture the sound of any drum or percussion instrument. Get Fusion.

Fusion 6 package contains:
1 x Durable road case
3 x F-10 snare / tom mic
1 x F-12 kick / floor tom mic
2 x F-15 overhead mic plus 2 clips

Affordable quality from Audix

Now everyone can afford Audix quality and capture the sound of any drum or percussion instrument. Here are prepackaged microphones which are tough, durable, and offer the type of sonic performance associated with microphones costing much more.

The two packages are available complete with foam padded road case, and all Fusion mics come with integral mic clips (F10 and F12) or mic stand adapters (F15). All mics will be available individually and carry a 1 year warranty.

  F-10 F-12 F-15
Snare, Toms Bongos, Quinto, Hi-hat, Shekere, Congas, Timbales
Kick Drum, Floor Tom, Djembe
Cymbals, Overheads, Hi-hat, Goodie Table
Tailored frequency response provides upper mid-range attack and clarity
Extended low end response for fat, punchy sound
Captures wide sound field of the cymbals and transients. Adds dimension and realism
Transducer Type
9 - 52 volts phantom
Frequency Response
50 Hz - 12 kHz
40 Hz - 10 kHz
100 Hz - 20 kHz
Polar Pattern
Output Impedance
250 Ohms
250 Ohms
200 Ohms
Open Circuit Sensitivity
(1k @ 94 dB SPL)
1.8 mV/Pa
2.1 mV/Pa
9.3 mV/Pa
Capsule technology
Double dome
Double dome
Back plate electret
Maximum SPL
135 dB
135 dB
135 dB
Off-axis rejection
>20 dB
>20 dB
>15 dB
Die cast zinc, black e-coat
Die cast zinc, black e-coat
Die cast zinc, black e-coat
7.1 oz
7.4 oz
6.5 oz