Bass POD Specifications


Bass Amp Models

16, customizable


Digital Effects



Cabinet Models



User Programmable Channels



Headphone out & Midi



D.I. Output

Direct Out with optional Apply FX to D.I. switch






Bass Guitar

Any or all of the sounds in Bass POD can be transferred to (and from) any other Bass POD or Bass POD Pro with a simple MIDI connection. In addition, an expanding ToneTransfer library of sounds is available at Users can search the library by musical style, artist, etc, access tones with SoundDiver software, and add their own tones to the library.

Included Mac/PC SoundDiver™ software from emagic™ for “Deep Editing” and Sound Exchange


 The Line 6 Bass Pod is a virtual bass amplifier simulator. That means the Bass Pod can produce realistic simulations of famous bass amplifiers. You plug your bass guitar into the Pod and then dial up one of the various amp models and away you go. You get a bass tone that sounds like a real miked up bass amplifier without the hassle of lugging all your equipment to the session. The Bass Pod also includes some bass effects like chorus, flanger, distortion, wah, etc. And it also includes a built-in tuner. The Bass Pod can also function like a normal direct box if you just want the natural sound of your instrument.

It's a really great recording solution for bassists. If you don't own a good amp or don't feel like carrying all your heavy gear along, just bring your guitar and plug into the Pod. You'll have a really good bass tone in a few minutes.