CAD E-100 Servo Condenser Single Pattern Microphone

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• Electret condenser capsule
• Single pattern - supercardioid
• Proprietary internal shock mount
• Extremely durable all die-cast construction
• Integral swivel mount adaptor
• Vocals, kick drums, acoustic instruments and amp stacks
• All applications sound reinforcement and recording

E-100 mics incorporate a unique electrical design utilizing high speed OpAmps. During transients, these OpAmps require more current than typical phantom power supplies can deliver. Therefore, the mic uses two built-in rechargable batteries to provide the required current. Phantom power is used to trickle-charge the batteries. The mic can be operated without phantom power for a period of 6 hours on batteries alone. In case you were wondering, the term "servo" refers to circuitry inside the mic which minimizes dc offset and eliminates interstage coupling capacitors.

Side Address, Supercardioid Electret Condenser

Frequency Response:
10-18 kHz

Polar Pattern:

Low (200 Ohms nominal)

Output Level At 1 kHz:
Power Level: -34 dB (0 dB = 1 mW per 10 microbars). 
Open Circuit Voltage: -55 dB (0 dB = 1 volt per microbar). 17.8mV/Pascal.

Dynamic Range:
132 dB

Equivalent Noise Level:
16 dB Equivalent SPL, A-weighted

Maximum Output Level:
With pad, .89 dBV. Without pad, 8.9 dBV

Maximum SPL:
148 dB SPL (with pad on)

Total Harmonic Distortion:
Less than 0.15%

Signal -To-Noise Ratio:
78 dB (at 94 dB SPL)

Capsule Capacitance:
60 pF

Minimum Requirements are 48 - 52 Volts Phantom Power capable of delivering at least 8 mA

Three pin male XLR type

Durable black urethane. Brass plated front screen

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