Denon DRW-585P Cassette Deck


Rich Selection of Play and Recording Modes

(Single, Reverse, Relay, Timer Play, Timer Recording) The DRW-585P provides a variety of playback and recording modes. Besides the usual single and reverse play modes, when the relay play mode has been selected and the play button is pressed, deck A first starts playback, followed automatically by deck B after both sides of the tape in deck A have been played. This feature permits long, uninterrupted music enjoyment. You can also connect a commercially available timer to the DRW-585P to wake up to your favorite tape or to take advantage of the deck's timer recording mode.

Memory Stop

If you press the MEMORY button and turn on the Memory Stop function ("MEMO" is displayed), and then press the Rewind button even during playback, the tape will rewind and automatically stop at the "0000" position on the tape counter.

Normal or High-Speed Dubbing

Two dubbing modes are provided: Normal and High-Speed. The latter mode copies tapes from Deck A to Deck B at two times the normal speed of tape travel.

Dolby B/C Noise Reduction

The Dolby B/C noise reduction systems suppress the hissing noise of the tape to produce a clear, high-quality sound.

Manual Bias Adjustment Control

A bias adjustment knob is provided on the front panel for greater control over recording characteristics. The center stop position provides the standard recording bias level, and turning the knob to the right or left will produce plus or minus variations in the bias during recording to suit the individual taste of the listener.

CD Synchro Record Function

The CD synchro record function allows you to easily make recordings from CD without performing separate operations on both the cassette deck and the CD player.


A backlight is provided to let you see the remaining amount of tape more easily.

Independent Tape Counters for Deck A and Deck B

Deck A and Deck B have their own tape counters so that you can monitor the progress of both tapes simultaneously.

Other Features


Head Playback

2 (Deck A and Deck B)


1 (Deck B)


1 (Deck B)

  Motor Capstan

DC servo motor x 2

  Wow & Flutter

0.08% wrms, 0.28% w.peak

Frequency response (Metal Tape)

20 Hz - 19 kHz (25 Hz - 18 kHz, 3 dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio

More than 74 dB (Dolby C on)



  Power supply

120 V, 60 Hz


434 (W) x 135 (H) x 269 (D) mm
17.1 (W) x 5.3 (H) x 10.6 (D) inch


4.0 kg, 8.8 lbs


3U rack mount kit included